Present Results in Real Time with a Projector Screen

  • SMS Voting - presentation of the results in front of audience
  • Vote by Text Real Time Voting analyzes and shows all intermediate and final results received via text message or web app. Audiences can follow the progress of the survey on the big screen, where results are represented in a bar graph.

    Fonts, text colors, background pictures, and the color palette of the diagram can be changed with the administration page. The phone number and #Hashtag used for the survey will be shown in the upper lefthand corner of the screen.

    Aside from usual adjustments to the graphic design of the results, we also offer individual corporate branding options.

Corporate Branding of Surveys

  • SMS Voting - Corporate Branding
  • The graphic design of survey results can easily be personalized beyond the standard settings of Vote by Text to blend in with the design of a Powerpoint presentation.

    Graphic: Vote by Text branding

    Voting in your surveys