Crowd Voting – Audience Response

  • SMS Voting - live voting via SMS
  • Let your audience vote in real time by sending a text from their phone or in a web app with a hashtag. Everyone owns a phone, and everyone can cast their vote in a survey (crowd response, live voting, Q&A, giving feedback). Everyone knows how to send texts and use web apps, both of which are available for every cellphone, regardless of operating system.

    Text messages can be sent anywhere at any time. They are therefore an extremely versatile and established communication channel and allow people to answer surveys with greater rates of success and accuracy than traditional non-digital media. In addition to that, voting by text ensures that each person truly only votes once.

    Alternatively, participants in a survey can vote via a web app with a #Hashtag. When booking, you can personalize the #Hashtag used in your survey.

    Here’s how Vote by Text works

Vote in Real Time at Events via Text Message or Web App (#Hashtag)

  • Creating your own SMS Voting
  • Depending on your order, Vote by Text offers many different services for your event:

    • Vote in real time by text message or web app (#Hashtag)
    • Each vote cast will only be counted once (when using a text message)
    • Easy and quick for anyone to use, which therefore leads to a high rate of participation
    • Moderation page available (designed for tablets and laptops), which allow the moderator to design and analyze surveys
    • Vote by Text using a personal phone number (standard phone number, no extra fees for participants)
    • Corporate branding: Integrate a company’s logo or picture into the survey’s design and results, so the survey integrates seamlessly into a presentation on a projector screen
    • Automatically send each survey participant a confirmation text (such as “Thank you for casting your vote”)
    • Vote by Text works in real time at company events, conferences, leadership meetings, public discussions, workshops, seminars, and lectures at universities or colleges
    • Participate spontaneously and anonymously
    • Get crowd feedback easily
    • Host Q&A sessions with a free response feedback channel (with text messages)

    More to administrator privileges

Easily Create Surveys with Vote by Text

  • SMS Voting - live surveys via SMS and mobile phone
  • With Vote by Text, companies, event planners, lecturers, and teachers can host and evaluate their own surveys, and have participants vote by either text message or web app. Results can be integrated in a presentation in front of a live audience.

    Vote by Text includes a moderation page for event hosts and a presentation format for projectors. As moderator, you receive all incoming votes to your laptop or tablet, where the Vote by Text software quickly evaluates and shows the results of your survey.

Evaluate Results in Real Time at Events

  • SMS Voting - live voting via SMS
  • Create and Host your Own Surveys

    In the moderation page of Vote by Text, you can create your own surveys and identify result options with keywords. Incoming text messages will automatically be organized and evaluated by Vote by Text according to your answer options. Results can be shown with a bar graph and presented to a big audience on a projector screen.

    Use the Free Response Format for Feedback

    Participants also have the option to type in their own answers (feedback, opinions, resulting questions) and send them – Vote by Text allows the moderator to receive all information sent in a text message. This way, Vote by Text event hosts can also receive feedback or questions from audience members, or start a general Q&A. Feedback from the audience can thus be easily integrated into the general discussion (Audience Response).

    Conferences, corporate events, national surveys