Audience response

  • SMS Voting - live voting via SMS
  • Let your target group vote via SMS. The ubiquity of cell phones means that anyone can spontaneously take part in your survey via SMS – anywhere, anytime. Everyone has their cell phone with them when they are out of the house, and everyone knows how to write a text message.

    Text messages can be sent from anywhere, at any time. It is a well established and highly flexible communications channel which gives users the chance to react spontaneously. This means that this channel can attain much higher response rates than the classic, non-mobile channels.

    Questionnaires that go out via letter, flyer, email or through a web site are much less attractive because they usually demand more time, are not very spontaneous and require greater effort on the part of the participant. While other questionnaires require lots of time, SMS Voting lets you evaluate your SMS surveys immediately.

    This is how the SMS voting works

SMS is widely supported

  • Creating your own SMS Voting
  • Many useful functions make SMS Voting the best option:

    • The chance for participants to send in spontaneous reactions leads to a high response rate
    • Unified software / hardware solution with GSM module
    • SMS voting is carried out using your own telephone number, all you need is a standard SIM card
    • Multiple SMS surveys can be carried out simultaneously
    • SMS voting can also be done in closed user groups
    • Graphic display of questions and survey results can be used for presentations
    • Administration of telephone numbers, export / import function
    • Personal feedback channel to the SMS Voting participants is possible through the collection of telephone numbers
    • Send text messages to a user group defined by the voting results
    • Web interface that can show SMS voting results on any web site (optional)
    • Live SMS voting at events, trade fairs, symposia, seminars and lectures

    More about the administration module

SMS surveys evaluated live

  • SMS Voting - live surveys via SMS and mobile phone
  • With SMS Voting, developed by Haase & Martin GmbH, Dresden, companies, clubs, event organisers and teachers can carry out surveys via SMS and evaluate them on the spot.

    The product includes a GSM modem with a USB connection and the SMS Voting software with an administration interface and display tool. A product CD with instructions is included. You install SMS Voting on your own PC or notebook (Win XP, Win 7, 32 Bit !). With your own SIM card, which you insert into the GSM modem (included), you run the survey on your own telephone number through a provider of your choice (prepaid or contract). You receive all incoming SMS on your own PC or Notebook. The software evaluates the survey and shows the results immediately.

    This is how the SMS voting works

SMS Voting at conferences

  • SMS Voting - live voting via SMS
  • Create and carry out surveys by yourself

    Through the administration interface of SMS Voting you can assign key words to your questionnaires and answer options. Incoming text messages are then automatically filtered and analysed according to the questions and answer options you have determined. The display module visualises your results through the use of bar graphs, ready to be shown to a larger audience with the use of a projector.

    Use free text for feedback

    In addition, there is the possibility that the participants, in addition to the pre-assigned answer options, can also enter free text (opinions, statements, questions …). SMS Voting receives the entire text that is included in a reply SMS so that you can receive general feedback or questions from your customers.

    Ask closed user groups

    SMS Voting not only allows you to receive text messages, you can send them too. This enables you to send questions and answer options to the phones of a closed user group. The participants answer directly to the survey message and SMS Voting receives and analyses their responses.

    Participation management

    SMS Voting’s participation management lets your manage survey groups and telephone numbers so that you can do things such as carrying out surveys in closed user groups.

    Conferences, panel discussions, events