Conferences, panel discussions, events

  • SMS Voting - the fitting SMS Voting solution
  • We offer SMS Voting (complete with software, GSM module and product CD with instructions) in the following variations:

    • Rent: from 1 day to 1 week or long time voting
    • Long-term assignments and series of events
    • Buy: a one-time payment without any further costs
    • Support: SMS Voting with service support at your event

The fitting SMS Voting solution

  • SMS Voting - conferences, seminars and events
  • Individual SMS Voting solutions:

    • Book a campaign: we will carry out an SMS survey according to your needs and give you the results.
    • Design realisation: the appearance of your SMS Voting can be adapted to fit your CI.
    • Individual software features: on request we implement special functions (SMS group surveys, Q&A rounds, etc.)
    • 100% anonymous surveys: no conclusion of received SMS on the sender telephone number

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