Online Surveys – Vote Anytime, Anywhere via Text Message or a Web App

  • Online Surveys – Vote Anytime, Anywhere via Text Message or a Web App
  • Using either text messages or a web app, your target group can respond to a survey at any time and from anywhere. Everyone can send a text or use a web app (in mobile format), regardless of their phone’s operating system.

    Text messages can be sent anywhere at any time. They are therefore an extremely versatile and established communication channel and allow people to answer surveys with greater rates of success and accuracy than traditional non-digital media. In addition to that, when participants vote by text, Vote by Text guarantees that their vote is only counted once. However, participants can also use a mobile web app and a #Hashtag to join in. When ordering, you can decide whether audience members vote by sending a text message or using a web app.

    Intermediate and final results can be integrated into a website, so participants can follow the survey online.

    Surveys using mail, flyers, or email often take too long to implement, are not dynamic, and require more effort from participants – not a very attractive option. In contrast to other polling methods, analyzing results from text message surveys is done easily and automatically.

    Host Surveys in Closed Groups

    Vote by Text can not only receive text messages, but can also send responses to participants. Therefore, participants can be given the option to send survey responses or additional questions to phones numbers in a certain group of people. Participants respond directly to survey questions and Vote by Text receives their responses for analysis.

    With the Participant Organization function, Vote by Text gives the moderator the option to organize survey groups and phone numbers.

Useful Functions for National and International Online Surveys

  • Useful Functions for National and International Online Surveys
  • Depending on your order, Vote by Text offers many different services for your specific surveys, including options for location-independent polls.

    • Vote with a text message or via a web app
    • Each vote cast will only be counted once (when voting via text message)
    • Easy and quick for anyone to use, which leads to a high rate of participation
    • Moderation page available (designed for tablets and laptops), which allow the moderator to design and analyze surveys
    • Vote by Text using a personal phone number (standard phone number, no extra fees for participants
    • Host multiple surveys at once
    • Vote within closed groups of people
    • Corporate branding: Integrate a company’s logo or picture into the survey’s design and results, so the survey fits seamlessly into a presentation on a projector screen
    • Automatically send each survey participant a confirmation text (such as “Thank you for casting your vote”)
    • Display intermediate and final results in a web app
    • Participate spontaneously and anonymously by text message or web app
    • Host Q&A meetings with a free response feedback channel (with text messages)

    Host and analyze surveys