Creating your own SMS Voting

  • SMS Voting - visualisation with the display
  • Administer your own SMS Voting campaign: With the SMS Voting administration module, you create surveys and key words and the replies are automatically evaluated. The results of your survey are clearly shown in a table. The graphic display can be customised and the results displayed via a projector or TV system.

    This is how the SMS voting works

SMS survey – this is how it works

  • SMS survey – this is how it works
  • Install SMS Voting together with the included GSM Module on your PC or Notebook (Win XP, Win 7 und 32 Bit !) and insert a normal SIM card from a telephone service provider of your choice (standard telephone number). The advantage of using a standard telephone number instead of the abbreviated numbers that are usually used for surveys is that you are free of additional costs! Your SMS voting participant only pays for the cost of a standard SMS. Many customers have SMS flat rates – which makes their participation in your survey free of charge!

    Since the abbreviated numbers are traded by the telecommunications authorities and their limited supply keeps the prices high, operating such a number becomes very expensive. Usually one number is shared with others and you have to choose a key word for your survey (e.g. "Send LOGO3 to 7483954").

    With SMS Voting, your own SIM card and your own standard mobile number you can choose any number of key words and have several SMS surveys running at the same time.

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